hawt apparel became an idea in Jessica Young‘s head in May 2018.

Young Jessica was in Bali at the time she had learnt a huge life lesson and was looking to shed some light on it, so she decided to go to a sound healing meditation in ubud.
Little did she know that would create something so big and allow her to live her passion.

“While I was in that meditation I remember laying down and nearly instantly falling into the a peaceful state. I had all these images popping into my head,
It was like a USB was plugged into me and I was a computer reading the data.”

From that day on Jessica knew what was needed to be done to create this brand!

Hawt stands for have a wonderful time, this brand is all about self-love and empowering other women.

When you receive your items from Hawt Apparel you will noticed it’s wrapped in paper on this wrapping paper it says "I am hawt I am amazing I am wonderful I am talented."

This is an affirmation that Jessica wants to share with all the females out there, I am is the most powerful thing you can say.

The affirmation also spells hawt vertically, there’s also affirmation cards on swing tags that tie-in with the marketing that Jessica has put together.
This brand is about sharing the love and having a wonderful time.

Much love team Hawt