Female Athleisure Guide

Female Athleisure Guide

Female Athleisure Guide: How to Rock the Activewear Trend in 2019

Female athleisure is everywhere, and it's easy to understand why.

Our hectic lifestyle demands clothes that are more comfortable and practical than ever before.

How can we go about fashion and performance to create a stylish and portable look? Athleisure is the answer.
By transforming workwear into everyday wear, female Athleisure blurs the lines between the clothes you wear in the gym and the ones you would use for lunch.

Long gone is the day that activewear apparels are only worn to the gym. Activewear, swimsuits and headwear are worn to almost every place now, and it is easy to see why.

Have you ever wish you can combine your sports clothes, yoga wear and activewear with your corporate wears?

Whether you want to go to the dance studio or go out on the street, you can wear your female athleisure apparels to anywhere now. There is no need to fight, change clothes or fight on your heels for a long day.

This easy-to-use activewear trend is casual, comfortable and very stylish. No wonder this trendy activewear continues to grow.

But is athleisure good for you? Celebrities of all ages have shown that this trendy apparel knows no age barrier. Activewear women, there is also activewear for plus size women.

This trendy activewear for women is relaxed, stylish and comfortable.

So it's time to learn exactly how to apply this trend in your everyday clothes. From play to work, this guide shows you how to join the female athleisure trend at any age.

What is athleisure?

The term "athleisure" is now included in the dictionary and is defined as "informal clothing intended for both sport and general use".

Although this definition may be technically correct, it is also a bit boring.

Athleisure is the simple combination of style and functionality that is right for gym, yoga, grocery shopping, visiting a friend and everything else. Female Athleisure is a trend that suits all demographic groups, sizes and styles.

The appeal of female athleisure is that it is both practical and completely fashionable. The casual and trendy style combines activewear and clothing to create an elegant and comfortable style. Female athleisure is more than just a trend: it reflects a modified lifestyle, increased health awareness, a stressful schedule and casual clothes.

Therefore, this athleisure is kept in stylish clothes and without effort.

So, how can I rock the female athleisure trend?

1. Mixed Activewear with fashionable Clothing!: You can rock the athleisure look by combining performance with fashion, concerning trendy activewear that you have purchased from HAWT Apparel and fitting them into your regular wardrobe. The combination of fashionable clothing such as jeans, leather jacket or heels with activewear such as shoes, sweatshirts or sports bras creates a balanced look.

In the same way, if you keep up with athleisure apparel, sporty and stylish swimsuits, you are sure to invest in only the best items. In particular, the high-performance fabrics associated with a trendy aesthetic are an excellent choice.

2. Dress for the occasion: When you remove your trendy activewear from the gym, you should know when to wear it and when you should not. Gym clothing is probably not the outfit you want for a job interview or wedding, but it's perfect if you go out for lunch or have a drink at night. Basically, the more formal an opportunity or place, the more stylish your clothes are (ready to use). However, the more informal the opportunity, the more you can wear activewear.

3. Don't Ditch your Style!: Complete the female athleisure looks by accessorising them accordingly, don't be afraid to incorporate your style into this new trend. Follow the elegant and activewear trend, but make sure to add your personal style; Goggles, a headwear or an elegant backpack works

perfectly. Do not forget the jewels. The jewels give your athleisure look a touch of urban style, but do not overdo it. All you need is a pair of gold or silver hoops or a beautiful necklace.

Where Can I Rock female athleisure to?

From the Gym in the street

It is the easiest way to join the athletisure trend, as many of you are probably already there!

Wear lightweight, flexible tops that you can wear over the pretty blouses and camisole bottoms of your bra. Also, sports pants; and clean and elegant women's shoes.

If you still do not have the tight stockings and narrow hips of your youth, your top layer should cover your buttocks when you wear your sportswear on the street. My favourite is a jacket with a high hem when it's cold, or a tunic in a warmer climate.

Friday casual

The female athleisure trend can be used 24 hours a day, and even some women rock it to work.

Informally, be sure to incorporate some aspects of actives wear into your work wardrobe next Friday, but make sure your appearance matches the dress code.

Although sneakers are not welcome in the office, you can certainly wear sweatpants with a loose sweater, high-waisted pants and a flowing blouse (as you would after a yoga class) or add details.

Date Night

Your next date is the perfect excuse to showcase your female athleisure style.

It's flattering, realistic and much more comfortable than a restrictive little black dress.

Forget the Spanx and put on a tight mini dress and stylish sneakers. Add a blazer, a denim jacket or a bomber jacket to put everything in order. You will see casually, but together, and this will bring the first pressure.


Female Athleisure was born for long days of travel! Whether you're travelling for work or in a tropical environment, start your journey with comfortable clothes that will make you feel like you're going on vacation, even if you're attending a weekend conference. The celebrities have long flex the female athleisure airport look, and it's now up to you.

Combine the tights with a tank top and a long-sleeved shirt with a baseball cap and clean, cool sneakers. Or simply swap a pair of jeans for a pair of sports pants. If you want something a little more stylish, opt for cotton, a sports dress, sneakers

and a casual jacket. On a long flight, you will feel so relaxed and comfortable that you will not even notice this turbulence.

Comfortable travelling clothes should NOT be interpreted as a "street gym"! Preferably, a shoe without laces, which could slow down the security check process.

The Do and Don't of Female Athleisure

Tayla Brewer of The trend spotter has compiled a set of do's and don'ts for female athleisure, and also how to wear activewear apparel. See the list below:

  • ●  You can blend sporting goods into your usual wardrobe for a balanced look.

  • ●  Be creative, especially when it comes to mixing parts and layers, experiment with your style.

  • ●  You should mix fashionable fabrics like jeans and leather with high-performance sports fabrics like; swimsuits, yoga pant, sports bra and tracksuit.

  • ●  Make sure all your activewear are clean and in good condition.

  • ●  Don’t wear anything old that you will wear at the gym.

  • ●  Don’t forget to add accessories and jewellery.

  • ●  Don’t forget your style and your exclusive appearance, just reinterpret


Don’t go overboard with bright colours and prints. How to use Athleisure?

  • ●  Place sportswear under the usual fashion items, such as a sports bra under a leather jacket or leggings under an elegant coat. There is activewear for plus size women - female athleisure for plus size. Do not avoid mixing sportswear with other basic clothing. "You can put it on your training outfit to make it more elegant, or on a little dress at night to make it more feminine."

  • ●  Enhance leggings for the road by combining them with longer blouses or tying a shirt around the waist.

  • ●  Use sport to replace your blazer with an aviator jacket or to combine a sports shirt with custom pieces.

  • ●  Wear a short bodice and high-waisted pants for a sleek, understated look.

  • ●  Go to the layers. Wear a tee over a tank crop,tie a light cardigan around your waist or ditch to instantly dress up your look.

  • ●  Make Smart Technology Decisions There are many innovative fabrics that reduce odour, breathe, absorb perspiration, and more. There are also different types of elasticity that improve comfort and make it flatter.

  • ●  Always do a masking power test. If you have new leggings, make sure they are really opaque, try them in the light of day and in bright light.

  • ●  Choose comfort at all levels. Even if the fabric or the cut is very comfortable, do not worry if you do not feel comfortable wearing it. While not all of us are comfortable using some of the poorer options, athletics is something we can all embrace. It's amazing how a top or jacket can be tied around the waist to increase self-confidence.

  • ●  Do not forget to customize. A large pair of sunglasses, a headwear and a handbag complete the sporty look.

    This female athleisure trend has come to stay, suitable for all ages and there is female athleisure for plus size.

    To get the best latest style, you can checkout HAWT apparel a female athleisure brand that's dedicated to promoting self-love among the young female population within the age range of 13 - 29 years, through the use of trendy activewear, swimwear and headwear.

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